What Kind Of Attorney To Get For Family Domestic Violence In Fort Worth

What Kind Of Attorney To Get For Family Domestic Violence In Fort Worth

Family Domestic Violence

In Texas state, family domestic violence is definite under Texas Family Code § 71.004 as a very severe risk or act of violence that happens between members of a family or household. However, even if the suspected culprit is now not a part of the household or family, still this culprit will be charged under the family domestic violence code if the person had any past or present marital or dating relationship with the victim. The alleged culprit will be charged with family domestic violence if the case involves physical interaction of any kind. Charges will remain the same even is the case did not result in any injury.

So if you or any of your friends/relatives have been blamed of family domestic violence, assault, harassment, or stalking, it is vital to take legal consultation from an experienced attorney right away. However, the punishments for such crimes can be very serious and damaging. Furthermore, because the family domestic violence cases are not qualified for an expunction, and even a request/plea to delay judgement. So this case will stay with you as a criminal record for life, even if you are not guilty.

Family Domestic Violence Laws in Texas

According to Texas law, the victims of family violence are given rights to request/appeal for protecting orders. These orders, depicted under Texas Code Crim. Proc. Art. 17.292, could prevent a suspected offender’s freedom in various manner. The Texas Attorney General’s site characterizes a defensive request as “a common court request gave to forestall proceeding with demonstrations of family savagery.”

According to Texas law, the protective order requires:

  • Terminate all type of communication with the family.
  • Keep away from every place where your family members can be present.
  • It is mandatory to attend counselling programs.
  • Submission of any weapons moreover, avoid from obtaining or hunting a license.
  • Pay child support and spousal support

Are you a suspect of family domestic violence?

According to the reports alone in 2012, more than 188,800 events of family domestic violence were stated in Texas state. However, it is our, unfortunately, that many of these domestic family violence cases are based on false allegations and exaggeration. There are times when family members who accuse such allegations on people to win a divorce case or child custody case. So, if you have been incorrectly accused of family domestic violence, we are here to defend your rights and find justice. At Fort Worth attorneys, we hold the expertise to handle complex criminal defense cases. Our experienced attorneys have defended many clients with our expertise and skills to get the best outcome possible.

So if you stressed because of getting charged under family domestic violence, assault, harassment, stalking, or a similar crime, feel free to contact our law firm right away. We can put you in touch with a dedicated and experienced criminal defense lawyer who can advise you about your situation.

Schedule your free case assessment right away to learn more about the options available to you.

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