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Are you being suspected under drunk driving charges in Fort Worth? Before you assume, you are now stuck with the charges, and the only way out is to pay the penalty, or accept the punishments and face the consequences. It is essential that before you accept all the accusations, talk to an experienced DWI attorney Fort Worth. The lawyer may save you from monetary fines, license suspension, and even jail time.

At Defense attorneys Forth worth, we have a team that is committed to protecting the rights of the accused under DWI charges. Our expert lawyers have a successful record of winning DWI cases; we have not only helped accused get relived from charges, dismissed cases but turned out favorable verdicts in countless cases. You can trust our experienced DWI attorneys to stand by you when you are facing a downfall.

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DWI attorney Fort Worth Protecting Your Rights & Driving Privileges

It is essential that you know, whenever someone is convicted under DWI in Fort Worth, the law officials have to prove several things beyond only a doubt.

  • The driver’s identity
  • That accused did not have regular use of their mental or physical abilities
  • Accused was operating the vehicle on a public road
  • The accused blood or breath alcohol levels was above the legal limitation

All the above-highlighted points must be proved before the accused can be charged with a DWI offense. In cases where all these points are established, it is better not to waste any time and consult a DWI attorney Fort Worth before accepting the penalties and charges of the case. Many cases hold multiple errors and blunders on the documentation, such as inappropriate timings of the case or blood or alcohol test results. These errors may work in the accused favor. Our lawyers inspect every little evidence and gather all the potential errors to preserve your driving license and save you from jail time.

However, there are different types of DWI cases, and every case has a different verdict.

DWI Case with Child Passenger in Fort Worth

DWI cases with child passengers are taken very seriously in Fort Worth. Even if the accused driver has never been charged under DWI, and this is the first time, they will still face severe charges. The law states that if any suspect of DWI has a passenger under 15 age, he/she will be charged under Section 49.045 of the Texas Penal code is a state jail felony.

DWI with BAC of 0.15 or Greater
If this the first time you have been convicted with a DWI than typically you will be punished under a Class B misdemeanor in Forth Worth. However, if a driver has provided a breath, blood, or urine sample that the state claims shows a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.15 or higher, the offense can become a Class A misdemeanor under Section 49.04(d) of the Texas Penal Code.

Skilled DWI Defense Attorneys in Fort Worth

Whether this the first time or fifth you are under the accusation of DWI in Fort Worth, the reality is that this accusation can result in a permanent damage on your personal and professional life. It is important that you quickly take action and hire an experience attorney to safeguard you from this DWI case.


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